Deforestation pros and cons

Many nations are consuming more than 1, calories per day per capita more than are needed for proper health. From hardwood to paper, availability of agricultural land to minerals, deforestation serves myriad needs of humans and the world.

9 Pros and Cons of Deforestation

Trees are used for all kinds of things. If more food is produced, then short-term gains will become the focus instead of long-term needs being met. This is when mass amounts of forest land is cut down and destroyed in order to free up the land for other purposes.

This also results in a decline in species, which could result in endangered species. Forests help to filter the carbon out of the air and replace it with needed oxygen.

Improving Accessibility One of the main reasons as to why forests are being cut down is to improve the accessibility of cities and towns around the world. It causes soil erosion. Through deforestation, these trees will be replanted with new, healthier ones.

List of Disadvantages of Deforestation 1. Knowing the pros and cons of deforestation could give us the proper values to help nurture the earth rather than deplete it of its natural resources. This may sound alarmist but it is a very real possibility. As deforestation increases demand from the lumber, manufacture, transportation and construction industries, more people will be needed to get the job done, thus an increase in employment opportunities.

Eventually, with growth at such a high rate, we will run out of forests to destroy, and space to build. Regardless of the pros and cons of deforestation, we must only think of one thing, and that is reviving nature while it is still possible to be saved.

The Pros of Deforestation Room To Grow The largest reason that these forests are being cut down is to make room for expansions.

While there is only an ample amount of time left, we would need it to rebuild nature and stop its total destruction. It process can also bring about an aspect of noise pollution that is not too pleasurable either. With the global population expanding rapidly, there is a need for more land. It causes soil erosion.

When you cut down massive amounts of these trees you are causing the air quality of the planet to be compromised. Sedimentary runoff from deforested areas contaminates rivers, affecting everyone who uses that water.

This is possible in a sense that deforestation leads to a greenhouse effect. Deforestation is the exact opposite of conservation, which is raising quite a few red flags for environmentalists around the world.

It harms wildlife and destroys their habitat. All of nature put together makes for the ideal living conditions for all plant and animal species. It may contribute to global warming. Aside from this, critics say that many of the economic advantages presented by the method are unsustainable, with alternative sustainable economic incomes existing to conserve trees and wildlife.

It contributes to the problem of climate change. Today, the term is used to refer to the destruction of forests by humans to use the lands for agricultural systems.

The land itself may even be used for agricultural purposes. With increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, humans will find it increasingly difficult to breathe in fresh oxygen laden air. According to the Science American Heritage Science Dictionary, trees prevent the process of desertification.

This is possible in a sense that deforestation leads to a greenhouse effect. Forests remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help mitigate the greenhouse effect.The Pros of Deforestation.

Yes, there are countless cons to deforestation. However, this method is said to also provide some benefits that you would want to know. List of Cons of Deforestation. 1. Increases Carbon Dioxide Levels Deforestation has many adverse impacts, the first of which is the increase in carbon dioxide in the air.

10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Deforestation In basic definition, deforestation is “the process of destroying a forest and replacing it with something else”. Today, the term is used to refer to the destruction of forests by humans to.

List of Pros of Deforestation While benefits such as being able to provide people with a living, getting fuel and lumber and clearing land to use for pasture may be cited as reasons for clearing forests, they just aren’t benefits if.

Deforestation Pros and Cons List

Mar 02,  · Best Answer: OK 3 CONS - NO PROS AT ALL 1) It increases the speed of erosion in deforested areas, as there are no tree roots to hold the soil together 2) Trees are one of the biggest providers of oxygen to the atmosphere, and remove greenhouse gasses 3) Hundreds of tree living species are being wiped Resolved.

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Deforestation pros and cons
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